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Welcome to Zicom

Zicom is an international trading and agency company, based in Zierikzee in The Netherlands. We are specialized in the trading foodstuffs and drinks. Not only raw materials, but finished products as well.

One of our main activities is trading foods and drinks to and from Egypt, such as fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, butter, fish, meat, poultry, fruitpurees and concentrated purees and juices.Besides trading, we are also active as representatives/agents.

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Zicom and partners

Capital Agro, with their main office in Cairo, is our partner in Egypt. They provide us with their yearlong experience, knowledge and services, as well as with their own (new and recently opened) coldstorage facilities, Capital Store. This facility is strategically located along the main road between Cairo and Alexandria. Capital Store also provides special, state-of-the-art ripening rooms for fresh fruits.

We are active in various other countries as well, such as a number of African and Middle-Eastern countries, the EU, Russia, India, and Middle- and South America, trading many kinds of foods and drinks.

We will welcome any and all of your inquiries with great interest!

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